I appreciate Dr Ghorbani’s kind manner he is highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and takes time to explain procedures. The staff at Whole Body Dental are all so friendly and caring. They have done a great job informing me about insurance coverage and out of pocket costs up front. I needed quite a few fillings and usually experience tooth sensitivity for several weeks after a filling. Dr Ghorbani suggested I try laser drilling instead of the traditional method. It worked beautifully and I’ve had zero sensitivity!Sabrina
I have been seeing Dr. Daniel for 2 years now and the experience has been nothing short of exceptional. I started my process needing to get a lot of work done due to my under bite. For the first year Dr. Daniel set the right expectation as to what was to be to done in order for me to achieve the perfect smile. I am no half way through my Invisalign and my smile looks amazing, I’m very satisfied with my results and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Dentist or to get orthodontic work done.Darrington
It’s been a wonderful experience with the entire staff at Whole Body Dental. I live in North Seattle and find the commute to the Eastside worth every minute. They are professional, efficient and very caring. Taking a holistic approach to my dental health means everything. Thank you, Dr. Ghorbani and staff. I’m grateful to have all of you in my corner.Rhonda Y
We learned more about our teeth on our first visit that the more than 50 years with other dentists. They have an outstanding staff too! Can not say enough about how impressed we are!Laura Roy
Great with kids, very informative and fit in a filling the same day as a cleaning.Johanna M.
Dr. Ghorbani is fantastic. . . . he’s caring, gentle, and does an excellent job. Came from another state for surgery here. The outcome was better than I’d hoped for. Can’t recommend him enough.Betsy T.
Dr. Ghorbani is amazing – I’ve never had a dentist like him. He is next level – if you want a miracle to happen: go to him. His staff is also caring, patient, and professional.Matthew P.
So friendly. So professionalPantea H.
Dr. Ghorbani is a great dentist!Rotem Y.
Excellent in every wayAlison P.
I highly recommend Dr. Ghorbani! He is extremely knowledgeable and up to date on the latest information in holistic dentistry. His staff is wonderful and take the anxiety out of the typical dental experience.Amanda W.
I’m really happy with the Quick Service on a new crown. Dr. Ghorbani wanted to make sure it felt right. I really couldn’t tell without chewing something. So he brought me a nice fresh and juicy organic apple to chomp on. It works perfectly!Carla M.
I saw Dr. Ghorbani to have tooth extraction. He is fantastic. I highly recommend him and his staff for anyone looking for a better dental experience.Salim S.
Dr. Ghorbani and his team are compassionate and kind, and they do an excellent job. I drive an hour+ out of the way to see Dr. Ghorbani, and it is absolutely worth it.Ashley B.
Dr Ghorbani is dedicated and sensitive to his patients. He has helped me improve my overall health through his careful and innovative dental care. I highly recommend Dr Mashoof for your holistic dental care.Teanna K.
outstanding care !Catalin A.
Super friendly staff, transparent and clear about treatment needs and options. Love that the focus is fluoride free, non-toxic, and all about larger overall health and wellbeing.Daniel A.
Warm and caring staff. Dr Ghorbani is gentle and most knowledgeable yet humble. I felt well cared for.Christina S.
Dr. Ghorbani Is wonderful!Sandra P.
I loved the professionalism and information on how I can care for my dental health at homeLydia K.
Very friendly staff. My kids enjoy going there.Amaris G.
fantastic, wonderful, refreshing, caring and open-minded. I highly recommend Ghorbani and his staff for anyone seeking better dental care than the average dentist provides. Thank you!!Robert S.
I am generally a nervous person going into the dentist. Dr. Ghorbani and staff were so gentle and made me feel comfortable and want to come back to the dentist.Christopher L.
Dr. Ghorbani is caring, compassionate and very expertise in his treatments.Elliott S.
Dr. Ghorbani and his staff have been very professional and nice. Our family appreciates their service very much!Nicolette P.
Definitely 5 star!!!! Dr Ghorbani is highly skilled, experienced and very patient and kind. The other clinicians and office staff also have same qualities! Sometimes procedures can be difficult but this team makes it easier to endure and makes me want to come back every time with my dental needs!! Thank you again for your caring and skilled attention!! Rita. 🙂Rita D.
My son (6 years old at the time) first saw Dr. Ghorbani for removing the amalgam filling. During his visit, Dr. Ghorbani identified that he had swollen tonsils, which might have been the reason for his snoring. As my husband and I were contemplating whether we should remove his tonsils, Dr. Ghorbani suggested the ozone treatment. I was very surprised to see that my son stopped snoring after just one treatment. Thank you Dr. Ghorbani and all of your wonderful staff!Nicolette P.