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Safety Protocols for Dental Practice


Our Umbrella of Dental Treatments

Smile….it raises your face value!


Preventative dentistry, such as regular cleanings, helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay in addition to brightening your smile.


Our Fotona Laser is a dental laser for removal of inflamed or diseased gum tissue


Cosmetic dentistry generally refers to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth.


Periodontal treatments include deep cleaning, tooth scaling and root planning to improve overall mouth health.


Oral surgery is sometimes necessary to remove wisdom teeth and/or impacted teeth.


Making smiles more beautiful by straightening teeth and focusing on dentofacial orthopedics.


Crowns and fillings are common elements of restorative dentistry: the restoring or replacing of damaged or missing teeth.


Alternative to titanium implants, zirconia is a crystal material and is biocompatible.


Focuses on the use of an oral appliance to treat sleep-disordered breathing.


Our Distinguished Dental Specialists

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!


I have been visiting Dr. Mashoof dental clinic for several years. Always with pleasant experience. The procedures and possible alternatives are discussed and presented without any ambiguity. Doctor Mashoof and his staff are well mannered and courteous and more importantly, all my appointments were on time.
Thank you Dr. Mashoof for making my dental visit a happy experience.

E. Maeemi

Dr. Daniel Mashoof is one of the most caring and kind dentists I have ever met. He is also one of the most interested in bringing the best of services to his clinic to offer to his patients. I have sent clients to him for mercury removal which is so important that it is done carefully. Dr. Mashoof is the only dentist that I currently know that does vitamin c iv therapy during mercury removal which is one of the best things that can be done for the body as vitamin c neutralizes any harmful effects that mercury removal can cause to the body. This alone impressed the socks of off me. I’m so glad he is so good about taking care of the details that a lot of integrative doctors and dentists miss. Also his staff is just lovely!

W. Farzan

We learned more about our teeth on our first visit that the more than 50 years with other dentists. They have an outstanding staff too! Cannot say enough about how impressed we are!

L. Roy

I appreciate Dr Ghorbani’s kind manner he is highly skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate and takes time to explain procedures. The staff at Whole Body Dental are all so friendly and caring. They have done a great job informing me about insurance coverage and out of pocket costs up front.

I needed quite a few fillings and usually experience tooth sensitivity for several weeks after a filling. Dr Ghorbani suggested I try laser drilling instead of the traditional method. It worked beautifully and I’ve had zero sensitivity!

S. Miller

Whole Body Dentistry is a one stop dental visit for all of your oral cavity needs and wishes. Dr Ghorbani is one of a kind, professional, gentle, caring, and thorough! And all of my questions are answered and I ask a lot of questions. My mouth and body say thank you! Our bodies deserve to be treated as one integrated system; look no further, book a visit soon! Oh yes, and the entire professional staff is a reflection of Dr Ghorbani’s excellent care.

C. Bell

Ive been seeing Dr Daniel since 2017 when he first started my voyage into replacing an old bridge. I now have a new bridge and implants and find this to be superior to wearing a partial. Very understanding and professional. Helpful staff as well.

B. Garza

Dentist Bellevue


As a holistic and board-certified biological dentist, Dr. Ghorbani uses a holistic approach to provide the care that each patient deserves by combining the use of advanced, leading-edge technology with a comprehensive strategy for healthy living.

We use an innovative whole-body approach by:

  • Viewing the totality of the patient: mind, body and spirit
  • Having patients play an integral role in achieving optimum wellness
  • Developing a patient long-term plan for a high quality of life
  • Minimizing the use of invasive procedures
  • Using only dental materials that are safe for your body

As a holistic dentist serving Bellevue, in our dental clinic we champion treating the whole patient rather than just their mouth or teeth. We're now offering KoR Whitening, click here for me details.

Call Whole Body Dental to learn how our holistic dentist can help you become your healthiest self in addition to giving you a beautiful smile!

Dental Clinic Bellevue


We are a whole body dental clinic serving Bellevue patients with a full range of services and healthcare needs.

The following is an overview of the integrative dentist services and treatments provided n our dental clinic:

  • Laser dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Dental sedation
  • Veneers & Lumineers
  • Gum disease
  • Dentures specialist
  • Dental implants
  • Amalgam replacement

As a highly motivated team with individual qualities and experience, we provide the highest standard of patient care in our dental clinic.

Call our full-service dental clinic to learn more about our whole body approach to health and wellness and family dentistry services that address oral health and dental needs at every stage of life.

Family Dentistry Bellevue


We offer family dentistry services in Bellevue starting with patients at an early stage of life with a goal of providing lifetime comprehensive dental care.

Our family dentistry model is unique to the extent that we never treat with harmful chemicals, such as mercury and fluoride, and will only use dental materials that are safe for your body.

When seen for cavities or periodontal disease, we use a diverse plan for dental health that treats the whole person; i.e., mind, body and spirit to help our patients become their healthiest while also achieving a beautiful smile.

The following is representative of how our dentist focuses on treating the whole person in our family dentistry:

  • Early child intervention to minimize necessity for future braces
  • Use of dentofacial orthopedics to guide teeth to their ideal location
  • Non-radiation early decay detection
  • Use of homeopathic remedies to improve oral health
  • Safe and healthy removal of mercury fillings

Call Whole Body Dental to learn more about our family dentistry services. (425) 333-2601



Whole Body Dental is now open! We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to go over any questions you may have about the steps we take to keep you, and every patient, safe in our practice. To make an appointment, please call our office at 425-643-1231 or email us at

Please know that our office is following all recommended guidance from public health authorities, including best practice for hygiene, infection control, and dental professional team health. We feel confident in our ability to continue seeing patients and providing dental care according to the tradition of quality care that you have come to expect and deserve.