Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

For some people, going to the dentist evokes fear and anxiety. But with dental sedation services, these patients can relax and have a stress-free experience. At Whole Body Dental in Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Ghorbani  offers sedation options for routine procedures, and he aims to make each patient feel safe and comfortable. To learn more, contact the practice by calling or requesting an appointment online.

Dental Sedation Q & A

Dental sedation, often referred to as “sleep dentistry,” relieves anxiety and fear about going to the dentist.

At Whole Body Dental, Dr. Ghorbani offers sedation services that allow you to relax, yet remain completely awake and aware during dental procedures. The sedation is enough to help you eliminate anxiety but light enough that you can still communicate during the procedure.

Dr. Ghorbani also works with an anesthesiologist who can put you under complete sedation if you’d rather not be conscious during the procedure.


Many people have fear and anxiety about going to the dentist, and some people have had traumatic dental experiences. Dental sedation is a good option for them.

To be a good candidate for dental sedation, you should be in good health. Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) will also need to verify that you’re not allergic to the drugs used in sedation dentistry.


The process for dental sedation varies, depending on the services you need and your level of discomfort. The possibilities include oral sedation, IV injections, and nitrous oxide gas (often called “laughing gas”).

If you are receiving an oral sedative, Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) might have you take a pill up to an hour before your appointment. If so, you’ll need to have someone drive you to the office.

Once the sedation takes effect, he completes your dental work while you sit or lie comfortably in the dentist chair. You’ll be awake and aware, yet relaxed and anxiety-free.

After your work is complete, you’ll stay in the office until the sedation wears off or you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you home. You may feel slightly groggy or sleepy until the medication has entirely left your system.


Dental sedation helps people get the dental care they need without anxiety. In many cases, people need several appointments or several hours of work but avoid it out of fear. With dental sedation, Dr. Ghorbani can complete everything you need in a single session, saving you time and money in the long run.

Since you’re fully awake during dental sedation, you can easily communicate with Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) and his team.

As a safe, pain-free, and comfortable way to receive dental care, dental sedation helps you have a positive and pleasant dental experience.

To learn more about dental sedation at Whole Body Dental, call or request an appointment online today.